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Trike or bike? How to choose the best ride for your children!


As a parent, choosing the right toys to help your child's development can be difficult and even stressful sometimes. There are so many questions you feel the need to answer. The most important one is: HOW DO I CHOOSE?

To help you make that process easier we have written an article specifying which vehicle is the best one for each age.

Babies tricycles

Three wheeled rides or
trikes are really convenient and useful for the first experiences. Children will be able to gain confidence on their steps first, before moving on to a 2 wheeled bike.

This evolutive 4-in-1 tricycle can be used from 9 months old up to 3 years old. It has a safety harness and bar to ensure your kid's wellness: and on the early stages you can just push your baby as if it was a buggy. The tricycle is easily controlled by an adult thanks to the handle for this purpose. 

As soon as they are big enough, they will be able to reach and use the pedals and start pushing themselves on their own. This will help them get their little legs stronger getting ready to take their first walking steps in the world. 

You can remove parts of the tricycle as your kids grow old, which means that they can enjoy it for a longer time.

Toddler's trike


If your child is already one year old, you may want to consider this adaptive wooden trike.

They are suitable for toddlers (+12 months old) and are the perfect combination between a tricycle and a balance bike.

Your little one will be riding on 3 wheels until he feels ready to change into balance bike mode. When the time comes, just follow the instructions supplied and transform your trike into a 2 wheel vehicle. Your child will love the transformation while being able to keep the colour design they are used to. This will ensure they stay happy and comfy with what they already know and love in a whole new way.

The fact that these trikes and balance bikes are both made with ECO-friendly birch plywood are the top of the cake! They are fun, they grow with your kid's needs and care for the environment!

Balance bikes


There are the best option for kids between 2 and 5 years old.

A few years back, the most popular option for children to start riding was with training wheels attached to a small size bicycle. Once they knew how to ride, you would dettach them and let them explore the balance.

In recent years, balance bikes have become widely popular. They help kids learning how to stay in balance, while they push themselves with their legs. Also, thanks to their super light weight, they are really managable for them to use and move around. They don't need pedals or a footrest because children will naturally use their legs to start moving and pick up their feet as they glide.

As they are suitable for 2 years olds, it also gives a chance to start the learning process earlier than with a regular bike.

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