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5 Reasons why a Sand Water Table is the perfect toy for summer 2017!

Because you don't need to be on the beach to play with the sand, you just need a sand water table!

As summer approaches, we need to think how to keep children active so they have a good night sleep. The challenge is getting them to learn new things, while they are having loads of fun! A Sand Water Table is an excellent option for kids, that's why we can find them now in many schools.

A Sand Water Table is the perfect playing toy during the summer months for many different reasons:

  1. They help children to experiment with the world and gain some fundamental knowledge about how things work. They learn how by combining water and sand you get mud to play with or how to build structures
  2. "How many scoops of sand do you need to fill this bucket?" It's a great example question of how they learn measuring or counting abilities by simply playing with sand and wat
  3. It encourages imagination! Imagining new challenging structures to build and then trying them out, can be a lot of fun!
  4. While it requires energy for digging, pouring, building and sifting, kids also need to focus. Additionally, it can have a great calming effect while creating and playing with different elements
  5. And most importantly, they get to play outside and enjoy the lovely weather!

Making sand castles on the beach is an all-time favourite for children! So why not take this activity into your back garden to ensure the fun stays in the sun!

boppi 4 section castle sand water table    boppi 2 section castle sand water table

Our Sand & Water Tables come in 2 different designs with 2 stools and various accessories to ensure hours of joy for the little ones!  Choose your favourite one between the boppi Castle sand & water table and the boppi 4 section sand & water table! And let’s get the fun started!

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