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Play Kitchens & their 5 Suprising Benefits for your Child's Development!

Play kitchens have endless benefits, many studies showthe importance of pretend play during early childhood.

Our imaginative role-play centre is a fantasticway for your child to develop skills at home. Therefore, they can put this into practise on the playground or classroom.

Find 5 surprising benefits play kitchens can have for your child:


  1. Social Skills

First of all, working along side others requires teamwork, necessary in many real-life situations.

So it doesn't only help them with their communication skills, they also learn how to share and take turns.

In addition, there is always a 'head chef', so they will learn delegation of tasks as well.

And with this leadership role they will learn how to become more independent.

2.  Cognitive Development

The imaginary aspect of a play kitchen allows children to explore different ideas. As a result, this widens their imagination, which benefits their creativity.

In addition, role playing also includes problem-solving situations like coping without an ingredient or deciding which utensil to use.


3.  Organisation

Playing with toys, your little one will learn to respect their belongings and understand the responsibility of cleaning up their mess.

And this comes with an added bonus of a new found empathy for the work mum and dad do around the house.

This is a skill that we can only hope leads to less tripping over Lego and more visible bedroom floors!

4.  Education

It teaches them the importance of diet and a healthy lifestyleBut this will not only expand their culinary knowledge, it will also develop their logical thinking, creativity and basic math skills.

5. FUN

Most of all, young children are still learning how to control different emotions every day.

The physical and emotional challenges kids face, should be countered with levels of unstructured play they enjoy.

Play kitchens can be used for a fun solitary activity as well as part of a social active game.

Take a look at our toy kitchens and see with your own eyes how beneficial these toys can be for your children.