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Karts for boys and girls, a best-seller for Christmas!

Children wake up on Christmas morning to unwrap their presents and every year Go Karts are a big success. This is a really special gift, something to remember from their childhood stories when they grow older. And most importantly, it will encourage them to go outside (which we all know can be challenging at times).

This all-time classic toy, will allow children to explore their competitive nature pretending to be their favorite Formula 1 stars. Go Karts are great because you can use them all year round and they promote interaction among kids.

bopster go kart 5-8 years flame

Our range of bopster pedal Go Karts are beautifully designed. We offer two different models to adapt to each age needs and make the child's experience as enjoyable as possible.

bopster go kart 3-6 years red

These are the 3 things you need to consider:

Size: Your child should always be able to reach the pedals. This guarantees that they are in control of the kart at all times and they don't hurt their little muscles.

bopster go kart 5-8 years old pink with measurements 101 x 59 x 30cmbopster go kart 3-6 years green side view 90cm long

Our pedal Go Kart with inflatable wheels is ideal for 5-8 years olds (please keep in mind this is an estimation and it depends on each child's size).  These are perfect for those children whose inside leg measurement is between 50 and 64cm. If your kid is smaller than that, please consider getting a bopster pedal go kart 3-6 years which dimensions (89x52x51cm) will be more suitable.

Brakes: Both models of our go karts have rear wheel safety hand brakes. These will ensure that the kart slows down, or stops, staying in control the whole time.

bopster go kart 3-6 years rear wheel and hand brake

Tyres: Younger kids will benefit from puncture proof wheels in their karts as these are more reliable. While bigger children who are heavier will benefit from inflatable tyres that offer a more comfortable and smoother ride.

These karts are a best seller toy for Christmas and they sell out fast over the season despite our best efforts to restock.If you are thinking about getting one of these beauties for your child, order sooner rather than later.