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Scooter riding, an affordable & fun option for sightseeing

Tourism done in a whole new different way with your kick scooter!

Every year, when planning the holidays, we know it will probably take a lot of walking to see everything we want to. And a scooter can make this easier

Some will prefer taking a hop-on/hop-off touristic bus, so they don't need to worry that much about the logistics. And other people will rather rent a bike to take a different and more affordable look at the city.

These options are all available, but there is still one more that can change the way you travel.


Have you ever thought of using scooters for adults to do your sightseeing?

Here you have 7 reasons why this can be the perfect travel solution for you:

1. You will be able to spend less time getting there and more time actually enjoying the scenery. And as a plus, you won't get as tired as walking around

2. Really convenient and easy to transport. You can still use it to move around on public transport when you choose to. Ride it for as long as you wish, then fold it and get on the bus or tube when you head to another area.

3. They are so small, that you can ride them even through the smallest streets in historical city centres

4. You can have fun with your children and teach them how to ride (or maybe they will teach you their tricks!) while you enjoy sightseeing with your own kick scooters. That way it might be easier for them to enjoy and learn with the touristic experience

5. It will encourage you to keep doing some exercise over the holidays. Kick scooters can help you get fit while having loads of fun

6. Folding scooters don't take much space. You can put it in the back of your car or even in your check-in luggage and take it with wherever you go


7. Save money and time. Think about it! A 20 minute walk, will take you only 7 minutes riding a kick scooter. And it will certainly be cheaper that using public transport.

All you need is your scooter and a good app to get around! Explore a new city -or even your own- in a different, fun and exciting way!

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