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  • Top 3 Christmas Gifts For Kids From 5 To 14 Years Old

    Are you looking for Christmas gifts that will encourage children to be outside and stay active all year round? Then, you have found your list! Our Top 3 Christmas gifts for kids (5-14 years old) bopster 2 Wheeled Folding Children's Scooter for daily rides

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  • Karts for boys and girls, a best-seller for Christmas!

    Children wake up on Christmas morning to unwrap their presents and every year Go Karts are a big success. This is a really special gift, something to remember from their childhood stories when they grow older. And most importantly, it will encourage them to go outside (which we all know can be challenging at times). This all-time classic toy, will allow children to explore their competitive nature pretending to be their favorite Formula 1 stars. Go Karts are

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  • Benefits of using a folding adult scooter for the school run!

    Children are back to school and you need to juggle getting them to class and getting to work on time. You thought getting them a kick scooter would be the solution, but now you are running behind them. Why not get a b:pro folding adult scooter for yourself to make things easier? A commuter scooter will add an interesting spark to your life because is...

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  • Trike or bike? How to choose the best ride for your children!

    As a parent, choosing the right toys to help your child's development can be difficult and even stressful sometimes.

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  • Play Kitchens & their 5 Suprising Benefits for your Child's Development!

    Play kitchens have endless benefits, many studies showthe importance of pretend play during early childhood. Our imaginative role-play centre is a fantasticway for your child to develop skills at home. Therefore, they can put this into practise on the playground or classroom. Find 5

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  • Scooter riding, an affordable & fun option for sightseeing

    Tourism done in a whole new different way with your kick scooter! Every year, when planning the holidays, we know it will probably take a lot of walking to see everything we want to. And a scooter can make this easier Some will prefer taking a hop-on/hop-off touristic bus, so they don't need to worry that much about the logistics. And other people will rather rent a bike to take a different and more affordable look at the city. These options are all available, but there

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  • 5 Reasons why a Sand Water Table is the perfect toy for summer 2017!

    Because you don't need to be on the beach to play with the sand, you just need a sand water table! As summer approaches, we need to think how to keep children active so they have a good night sleep. The challenge is getting them to learn new things, while they are having loads of fun! A Sand Water Table is an excellent option for kids, that's why we can find them now in many schools.

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  • Wooden Dolls Houses, Play Kitchens and more!

    Wooden Dolls Houses, play kitchens and garages are back! We are pleased to announce that our best-selling 3-storey Wooden Dolls Houses are now back in stock! These best selling toys come in three versions - so any girl can have their dream home. Choose between one with a central staircase and 17 furniture accessories, an

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  • Balance Bike Competition - Design Your Own!

    boppi – Design a Balance Bike Competition We love our boppi wooden Balance Bike and we know you do too! For that reason we have launched a summer competition so your kids have the chance to design their own. We have opened our design studio to let your little ones have fun with designing.

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  • Choosing an adult scooter is easier than you think!

    If you live in a busy city, commute to uni or work, or have kids that like to scoot to school or zoom around the park, an adult scooter might just be for you! Some people might find scooting as an adult a little bit strange, but we're here to help! Adult Scooters have several benefits, so read on and see if it's for you!

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